VALORANT Community Agents Rise Feeder Round 1 by EuroZone & Neptunes Legion

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Valorant Agents Rise Feeder 1 is the opening Community tournament of the season run by EuroZone E-Sports and Neptunes Legion this feeder will lead into our main tournament after full release of the game, the Final Mission tournament will host cash prizes along with branded merchandise.

The first map will be chosen by the winner of a coin toss with the second map choice being made by the losing team from the first map, the third map if required will then be the remaining map (if more maps have been released at the time of the event the 3rd map will be chosen at random from the remaining maps).

The tournament will run on a best of 3 maps for all matches except the final which will use a best of 5 game system.

The final 2 teams in the tournament bracket will automatically guarantee themselves a place in the Final Mission Tournament and the winners of the bracket will also receive the branded merchandise prizes listed for the feeder tournament.

The first day will start at 6pm BST and will run for approximately 4 hours, with the remaining matches taking place from 1pm BST the 2nd day.

Once you apply your team needs to be setup on our discord before we can approve your application.

Please note we also have an NA version of this tournament available via our partners at Neptunes Legion at:

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or Valorant Esports.

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