Rainbow Six £25 Open Feeder Tournament by EuroZone E-Sports

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Signup: https://www.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/3486843381124120576/information

EZ Rainbow Six £25 Tournament is the opening community tournament from EuroZone E-Sports.

Single elimination rounds playing a single map for Rounds 1 and Rounds 2.
Best of 3 for semi-finals and finals.

With 1/2 of the matchs from round 1 and 2 being streamed and casted by our team.

Rounds 1 and 2 will take place on 16/05/2020 from 13:00 onwards.

The semi-finals and finals will take place on the 17/05/2020 from 13:00 onwards.

Map Bans will be done with IGL’s prior to game.

Operator/Equipment Bans: All operators and equipment are allowed. (also new ones) There will be an Operator ban in each match.

How to register for the tournament?

Send your registration via this page and then contact one of the staff/ez helpers on our Discord server to confirm your registration, your registration will only be approved once your team is in our Discord and registered into your team roles.
Our discord: https://www.ezesports.co.uk/discord
Get the Tournament role from the #get-roles channel and then tag the staff with your team name, once your message is picked up a team role will be created and you can tag your team members in #teammate-needs-role to get them in the team.

PC players only in EU Servers.

After each match ends a screenshot must be submitted in #score-reporting and it will be verified.

Full list of match settings that will be used in matches: https://www.ezesports.co.uk/r6s-match-settings/

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