Monster’s Reborn April 1v1

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This event is based in Eve-Online offering a 1v1 tournament system this time fielding t1 cruisers.

This is run by our Partners at Eve-CS.

You can watch live on Twitch here.

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[Rules & Info]

T1 Cruisers of the original 4 races:





[Fitting Regulations & Restrictions]

<Arena size: 100km from center>

<T1 T2 & Meta modules only>

No reactive armor hardeners

No oversized prop mods

No faction modules

No abyssal module

No storyline module

No drugs

No ewar drones

No Ewar of any kind

No implants

* Leaving the 100km arena incurs an instant loss

* Only two reps of any kind, at least one must be an ancil repper

* One flux coil, recharger, relay, or cap battery

* Only t2 drones. No augmented/integrated/navy/subverted/geckos

* 7 mins per battle. Semi finals & Final Round: no time limit

* After timer ends: the pilot closest to the center wins

* 10 mins break before semi finals

* Exploiting any non-mentioned rules and common sense will result in a loss

[Entry Fee]

100 Million ISK per participant, to be sent to Grim Reaper Knight in game.

[Price Pool]

Starting Isk Pool : 1B (we put 500m towards this too)

We wish you all the best of luck and above all… HAVE FUN!

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