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This event is based in Eve-Online offering a 2v2 tournament system this time fielding t1 battle cruisers.

This is run by our Partners at Eve-CS.

You can watch live on Twitch here.

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Further Details:

Further Details:

Ship Restrictions

T1 Battle Cruisers (excluding the drek)

Assault Frigates

Fitting Restrictions

Allowed :

* Use of Navy Faction Ammo (No Pirate)

* T1 Rigs

* T1 & T2 Modules

* T2 Drones

* Energy Neutralizers

Not Allowed :

* Faction & Storyline Drones

* T2 Rigs

* Oversized prop mods

* Faction modules

* Abyssal module

* Storyline module

* Drugs

* Ewar drones

* Ewar of any kind

* Implants

* Remote Reps

* Limited to 1 Cap Transfer


* Leaving the arena which is 100km from center is a instant loss

* Maximum two reps of any kind, and only one can be ancillary.

Shield or armor can be mixed.

* Only one module of  flux coil, recharger, relay, or cap battery may be fitted

* 7min per battle.

1. Semi finals & Final Round No Time Limit.

2. The Arena will shrink after the timer to half the size, and then half the size again every 7 minutes.

*After timer ends.

1. the team that has fewer ships loses

2. in case both teams have even number of ships, the team with furthest ship from the center loses

* 10 minute break before semi finals

* Exploiting any rule that is not mentioned and is a common sense will result in a loss aswell.

* Pilots May Prelock and activate modules prefight but may not use modules that effect other pilots in anyway

* You may not use any Deployable’s during the match.

Entry Fee

250M Per Contender(500M Per Team) ( Send ISK to “EVE-CS” In game )

Price Pool :  8B (assuming full bracket)

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