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  • 57 - OWL Recap - Blizzcon and Overwatch World Cup 2018 08/11/2018
    The gang has returned from Blizzcon 2018 reinvigorated by all the energy from the world cup. It was a fantastic and eventful weekend, even though our dear USA lost! Make sure to tune in to hear all about it!
  • 56 - OWL Recap - The Week before the Cup! 30/10/2018
    Only a few days away from the Blizzcon festivities, the gang is getting ready for the action! We have some juicy new announcements, including new features coming to the game and new rosters for the upcoming Atlanta and Paris teams!
  • 55 - OWL Recap - Nate Has Spoken! 23/10/2018
    With the Blizzcon anticipation and World Cup around the corner, things have gone a little quiet! Fortunately, we've had commissioner Nate Nanzer shed some light into recent developments and the upcoming season 2! 
  • 54 - OWL Recap - Upcoming Season Leaks 09/10/2018
    The new season seems to be shaping up behind the scenes and we are getting some news through the grapevine about how it might look! New schedules, new structure and most importantly, new teams joining the existing divisions! Tune in to catch it all here.
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