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  • 85 - OWL Recap - Just Play DPS 4head 11/06/2019
    This week @iplaigames, @Blazzin_Bob and @MelOverwatch are joined by @ramses_ow to talk Overwatch League, week 1 of stage 3. League News:  Grand finals tickets went on sale June 7 Stage 3 Week 1 Highlights Dynasty playing 2 different rosters NYXL puts Saebyeolbe in on Sombra Shock lose the map win streak Linkzr back in for […]
  • 84 - OWL Recap - Edanar VS Mel 05/06/2019
    This week @Blazzin_Bob and @MelOverwatch are joined by @EdanarOverwatch to talk Overwatch League Stage 3. History was made this episode marking the first time a host had to mute a guest! Don't miss out! League News: Rumors that Stage 3 will not be played on the most recent patch OWL celebrating LGBTQ community on Pride […]
  • 83 - Owl Recap - Contenders Recap ft. LemonKiwi, Boopasaurus and Ham Tornado 28/05/2019
    This week @iplaigames and @Blazzin_Bob are joined by @Boopasaurusrex, @LemonKiwi_ and @ham__tornado for a Contenders special addition episode. Find out what Contenders is all about from some of the most passionate people in the scene! League News: Overwatch League commissioner Nanzer to join Epic Games Overwatch League starts “Skins in the Game” challenge  Team News: […]
  • 82 - OWL Recap - Viewership Record ft. The Bird Watchers 21/05/2019
    This week @iplaigames, @MelOverwatch and @Blazzin_Bob are joined by Ryan from The Bird Watchers Podcast. We talk about the current Overwatch League viewership, NO 2-2-2 role lock, the All Stars week and more. Don't miss out! League News:  International OWL store open OWL hits viewership record with Stage 2 Playoffs Halo reports 2-2-2 will not […]
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