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  • 64 - OWL Recap - The One With Monte Cristo and Susie Kim 15/01/2019
    This week we cover a little news and then take you to a very special interview with Overwatch League caster Monte Cristo and General Manager for the London Spitfire, Susie Kim. Don't miss this fantastic interview! Monte Cristo - Susie Kim -   Follow us on Twitter - Join our discord - Support us on […]
  • Bonus Episode - Giveaways Armor Explained and Meta Talk 11/01/2019
    Blizzcon 2018 Goody Bag giveaway -   Patreon Blizzard gift card giveaway! Follow this link to become a Patreon -   Follow us on Twitter - Follow us on Twitch - Join our discord -  
  • 63 - OWL Recap - Power Rankings and ...Ellie 08/01/2019
    This week we are joined by TheDudeAbides from Watchpoint Radio Podcast!    Topics  1. Ellie and other news 2. Power Rankings 3. Did OWL Pros play sports growing up.   The watchers Brawl - Follow us on Twitter - Join our discord - Support us on Patreon -  
  • 62 - OWL Recap - The New Year Is Here 02/01/2019
    The Overwatch League season 2 is almost here! Join us as we discuss recent news, player ban tracker, hero bans and more! 
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